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Who We Are

About Us

Pearl Multipurpose Cooperative Society is a financial enabling association, founded on the principles of unity and individual involvement in the manner of monthly dedicated financial contribution to create a large pool of fund that would contribute to the growth of small businesses and also to provide support through funding towards the social welfare of it’s the members.

The organization is involved in Halal investment financing, Interest free loan to members, capacity building to members and yearly corporate social responsibilities to Muslim communities.

Free Interest Loan
Mutual Business Support
Muslimah Empowerment
Trading & Investment
Monthly Savings
Ethical Funding
Capacity Building
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Investment and Financial Support

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Our Mission

To create pool of ethical funds by Muslimahs (Female Muslims) accessible for continuous investment and financial support for Humanity.

Our Vision

To be the foremost ethical wealth hub for the Muslim Community.

Our Core Values

. Credibility . Reliability . Excellence
Simplicity . Trust .

Our Offering

We Offer;
Ordinary savings for interest free loans.
Targeted Savings towards Realizing your dream.
Asset Acquisition on Installment Payment Basis.
Business Financing and Partnership.
Get Dividend from Investment with the Cooperative.
Financial Advisory and Consultancy for Members.
Online Listings of Members Businesses

What We Do

Our Operational Objectives

Unity in Strength…

Strategic Goals Achieved

2014 - Incorporated Pearl Cooperative Multipurpose Society 50 Members 50%
2016 - Achieved Dividend Payout on Surplus 75%
2018 - Increase Capital Base Contribution to ₦50 Million 99%
2019 - Capital Investment Worth Over ₦30 Million Deployed To Support Members Businesses 100%

The objectives of the society for pearl multipurpose cooperative has been to promote the economic interests of its members in the following ways

  • Provide facilities for regular monthly savings for its members.
  • Create funds to be lent to members at interest free rate necessary for productive purpose and engagement.
  • Involve in general trading, investment in shares and securities of companies engaged in Halal business such as Industry Set-Up, Catering Services, Business Centre, Farming, and other such businesses/services that shall benefit the society and its members.
  • Strengthening the bond of sisterhood by encouraging cooperative spirit among members towards achieving self-reliance as a measure to curb begging among the general populace.
  • Business support to all lawful halal businesses and Partnership with members under profit and loss sharing arrangement.
  • Capacity Building
  • To promote public advert awareness for our members business and other halal businesses.
  • Advocacy for women’s welfare in the society.

Benefits of Becoming a Member

Be part of Pearl Multipurpose Cooperative Society Today!

Pearl Multipurpose Cooperative Society, is governed by Islamic Ethics and is opened to members of the public who are FEMALE.
All members should have attained maturity of age 18 years and above (except in the case of a minor female child whose Guardian will be her executor till she attains the maturity age of 18)

At Pearl Multipurpose Cooperative Society we empower our members with emergency funding to help with any project they would like to finish interest free. We also help our members grow their businesses financially giving them more outputs and optimisation.

Building capacity through training, formal and non-formal education by improving the chances of getting access to funds and destroying the underlying drivers of poverty within our networks and our community. We setup suitable and profitable small scale business to create salary and generate income for families.

Improve the livelihood our members and their families helping them to own properties, educate their children, and start individual sustainable income generation activities. Pearly Multipurpose Cooperative Society is one Family.

We intend to completely erase the conception where women are “residual beneficiaries” there has been no conscious effort to consider women as part in the technological innovations aimed at improving efficiency of economic activities. As a result, the women get more by accident, and are seen as the left over benefits of technologies. Pearl Multipurpose Cooperative has puts a check to that by constantly training its members.

You provide the shop while the cooperative stock the shop, you manage the shop and we both share the profit or Vice versa.

Our members are accorded first line of preference for all jobs or contracts emanating from the cooperative at all times.


Prospective members apply by filling out the membership registration form and submit after completion. Our Executive team would review your application and approve or otherwise.

Our Membership Process Requires:

  1. Obtain a Registration Form or Register Online (₦1000)
  2. Fill out the form with your affixed Photograph
  3. Make monthly savings, minimum of ₦5000 maximum of ₦25000
  4. Participate in all activities of the cooperation
  5. Pay your annual dues of ₦2000

A web portal would be opened for you once you register on our Platform.


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Plan Payment

One Time Registration Fee ₦1000

₦5000 / Minimum Monthly Savings

₦25,000 Maximum Monthly Savings

₦2000 Annual Administration Charges



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